Top Mobile Marketing Tools and Features of Their Use

The concept of mobile marketing appeared several years ago. It is a set of marketing activities to promote goods or services using mobile communications. This interactive marketing tool is quite common in modern global practice, as mobile marketing has extremely high technological capabilities developing daily. Moreover, it is convenient for both manufacturing companies and consumers.

Practice shows that any company can use mobile marketing in any market segment. Still, the real experts in mobile marketing are the manufacturers of everyday goods, as FMCG brands try to attract the largest number of consumers. Numerous studies show that consumers don’t mind ads on their mobile phones if the messages they receive are well-targeted, non-annoying, and have a practical application. Use crucial mobile app KPIs to measure app performance and see for yourself.

Mobile technologies provide an opportunity to use such an original type of marketing communications as engaging consumers to interact through a game. Accordingly, it attracts consumers’ attention, creates a positive atmosphere, forms loyalty, stimulates the ‘viral’ transmission of information about promotions, etc.

The Use of Mobile Marketing in Today’s World

The use of mobile marketing is characterized by such features as:

  1. Firstly, the audience to which mobile advertising can be addressed is very clearly defined. This is the most attractive audience – young people aged 18-34;
  2. Secondly, the use of targeting can save a significant amount of money for advertisers who are trying to attract the attention of a consumer group;
  3. Thirdly, consumers perceive and respond much better to mobile advertising if it uses targeting since they see that the advertisement addressed directly to them.

Today, you can benefit from many different mobile marketing tools. It is worth considering the 7 most useful in more detail.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing allows the reception and transmission of short text messages through a mobile device. However, many companies abuse this technology, causing users to associate SMS with spam. There is only one way to avoid this – by obtaining consent from the recipient.

IVR Service

The IVR service is a system of pre-recorded voice messages. It is used mainly by large companies to automate the response to customer requests for standard situations.


It is one of the very first mobile marketing services that continues to be used effectively. Various content for mobile phones is traded through WAP. In addition, WAP portals allow placing advertising banners targeted at mobile phone users.


Content is the main object of mobile marketing. This is information in the form of melodies, pictures, animations, videos, movies, games, and programs, which can be transferred to a mobile phone. Mobile content is commonly used as a guaranteed prize in mobile marketing promotions to stimulate sales.

Games and Programs

Some companies develop their own branded games that are designed to entertain consumers. Someone actively sponsors online games and programs for mobile phones, providing advertising there.

Pre-Call Advertising

Pre-call advertising is a common form of mobile marketing. An advertisement is displayed on the phone screen during a call or receiving an SMS message. In return, the advertiser company credits the subscriber’s account with the amount for watching the promotional video.

Bluetooth Marketing

Bluetooth marketing is usually used at various corporate events. Using Bluetooth, certain advertising content is sent to participants’ phones in action.

Key Benefits of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has some advantages that distinguish it from other types of marketing activities:

  • The ability to easily integrate into a traditional, previously developed, and already implemented advertising campaign;
  • Ensuring a significant expansion of advertising and media opportunities of traditional means of promotion;
  • Maximum coverage of the target audience;
  • The ability to segment the target audience (by websites, phone models, demographics, and location);
  • Ensuring a higher level of product recognition and the effectiveness of its promotion.

In addition to the above, mobile marketing allows one to get a quick response from the client, determine accurate statistics on the results of promotions, formulate a targeted appeal to the consumer, and encourage him to make a purchase decision. This allows the business to create a specific information field, disseminate the information required for active market interaction, and keep consumers in the zone of direct marketing influence.

Final Remarks

Nowadays, mobile marketing has become an integral part of society. It opens up new business opportunities. Using the latest advances in technology, it enables marketers to take their marketing strategies to the next level and achieve the goals set.

One of the most common modern mobile marketing means is SMS-mailing to inform potential customers about promotions, one-time discounts, and special offers. This is mainly because it is an efficient and cost-effective communication channel for driving sales and building brand loyalty.

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