TSMC Overtakes NVIDIA to Become the Most Valuable Semiconductor Company at $618.8 Billion

TSMC has become the most valuable semiconductor company in the world with a market cap of $618.8 billion, beating NVIDIA’s $591 billion cap in the process. The Taiwanese foundry is now also the most valuable company in Asia, overtaking Chinese giant Tencent. This makes TSMC the eighth largest company in the world.

TSMC executive Wei stated that the company’s revenue in 2022 will be at least 25% higher than 2021’s $57 billion. The capital expenditure for 2022 has been increased from $40 billion to $44 billion, with hopes to expand the production capacity of the 5nm (N5) process, while also prepping for the mass production of the next-generation 3nm (N3) process. The expenditure in 2021 was notably less at $30 billion.

TSMC is going to manufacture AMD and NVIDIA’s latest offerings on its 5nm node, while also fabbing Intel’s 1st Gen ARC Alchemist graphics cards on its N6 (6nm) process node. Intel’s revamped roadmap aims to retake process leadership by 2025-26, but whether the Blue Team is able to execute this bold plan remains to be seen.

Areej Syed

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