TSMC Poised to Overtake Intel in Terms of Quarterly Revenue for the First Time

TSMC is set to beat Intel on yet another metric: Quarterly revenue. A report from The Register explains how the Taiwanese chipmaker is expected to surpass Intel in quarterly revenue for the first time in Q2 2022. According to analysts, TSMC’s quarterly revenue for Q2 2022 is set to grow by 43% quarter-over-quarter to $18.1 billion. Its 5nm N5 process is expected to be the most successful yet as well as the most expensive with clients like AMD, NVIDIA, Apple, Qualcomm, and MediaTek lining up to get their share. Leveraging advanced EUV layers and optimized FinFET transistors, these wafers are generally more performant than the Intel 7 process.

Intel, on the other hand, is predicted to see a drop of 2% in its second-quarter earnings QoQ to $17.98 million, giving its Asian rival a slight lead. The sharp decline of the pureplay foundry business along with the increased reliance of most smartphone manufacturers, and PC chipmakers other than Intel have significantly bolstered TSMC’s growth rate over the years. (xanax prescription online doctor)

Intel plans on opening its foundries to third-party clients starting with its 20A process in 2025 but being that archrivals, AMD and NVIDIA are unlikely to throw in their lot with the chipmaking giant. Ironically, Team Blue has also started outsourcing its Arc GPUs and iGPU tiles of future processors to TSMC in order to relieve the load on its internal foundries. With multiple delays pushing the launch of its Sapphire Rapids-SP to mid-2023, Intel’s foundry is in a precarious position.

Source: Yahoo Finance (Via: The Register)

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