Unleash Your Musical Potential: The Top 10 Must-Have Gadgets for Creating Soundcloud Hits and Maximizing Your Plays

Standing out from the crowd of musicians and artists working to build a fan following on Soundcloud is not always easy. It’s more than just being good at your craft – although that’s certainly important! But you also have to master technical skills like mixing your music and using different effects.

Once you’ve done that, you still need to drive traffic to your profile and posts, which can be difficult with so many creators on the site. For some people, one good solution is to buy Soundcloud plays cheap to boost traffic. But it’s still important to create the best quality podcasts or songs so you can capitalize on this increase in visibility.

Top 10 Must-Have Gadgets

To help you improve the quality and achieve the best results, we’ve created a list of the Top 10 Must-Have Gadgets for Creating Soundcloud Hits and Maximizing Your Plays.

1. A Digital Audio Workstation, or DAW

This means you need recording and editing software on a computer – either a PC or Mac will do, plus peripherals. You’ll use the DAW not just for recording but also mixing, playback, and more to gain more plays for Soundcloud.

2. Software

For the software, Audacity is a free favorite, but many people prefer Adobe Audition for a more professional polish. With Adobe Audition, you can edit music or podcasts and also fix background noises or other audio issues. It’s a full suite for podcasting, sound effects, and remixing to achieve the best results.

3. An Interface with Your DAW

Interfaces allow you to record directly onto software on your computer. It is possible to record on another device and transfer the audio file via the cloud or removable memory, but many people find the quality better when they record directly to their software program. In some cases, you may also have additional options with the interface method.

With an interface like Cubase or Ableton, you can plug in mics, instruments, and other input devices, as well as output devices like speakers or amps. Many interfaces also offer play/record buttons, so you don’t have to use your mouse for these functions if reaching the box is easier.

4. A High-Quality Microphone

Microphones that plug into your PC are available at inexpensive prices, but you need a premium-quality mic for recording. One favorite of successful SoundCloud producers is the Blue Yeti from Logitech, which has available voice filters and effects.

Known in the industry for making broadcast-quality sound available to everyone, the Yeti is the best-selling USB mic for streamers and creators, as it brings them many plays on SoundCloud. It offers four polar patterns, including bidirectional and omnidirectional.

Tip: You may also want a windscreen to get the best results with your mic and increase the SC plays.

5. Good Speakers

These are essential for listening to your music or podcast as you’re editing – you don’t want to rely on your PC’s built-in speakers or inexpensive headphones. Having more than one set of speakers is also a good idea so you can listen to the same piece on different speakers – sometimes, this allows you to hear additional background noises or other issues before publishing the tracks on Soundcloud.

Some musicians swear by Pioneer speakers like the DM-50D or similar models as they feature:

  • fiberglass-coned woofers,
  • ¾ inch soft dome tweeters
  • and produce a strong base and excellent detail.

They also include two modes you can switch between:

  • Production mode, which helps you hear errors or issues in the music,
  • and DJ mode, which gives you an idea of what your song will sound like in a crowded club environment. 

SC is popular among DJs, so it is a great chance to achieve more Soundcloud plays than ever.

Another popular model is the Yamaha HS5 Studio Monitor speaker or other HS line speakers. Considered by some to be a more modern version of Yamaha’s iconic NS-10 speakers that rose to prominence in the 70s, the HS5 has a magnetic circuit design and extra-large magnets for smooth response over a wider frequency range. The drivers and monitors work together to produce a superior audio experience free of distortion.

6. Amps

Headphone amps can help you get better-quality sound through your headphones when listening to your mixes. The FiiO K3 amp is preferred for its portability, multiple ports, and discrete headphone drive and circuit protection. Others like the Burson Conductor 3 Reference amp for sound tweaking, but its price tag is a roadblock for many producers. The Schiit Magni+ is well-liked as it:

  • is affordable,
  • has a high-spec sorted potentiometer
  • and three gain levels, including negative gain.

7. On-the-Go Equipment

What if you want to record in such circumstances:

  • while traveling,
  • doing a concert,
  • or in a place where it’s just not convenient to set up your laptop and other devices?

Some musicians want to record on the fly using only their phones. This is an option, but it’s helpful to have peripherals that boost quality to gain more Soundcloud plays.

8. Mics that Work with Your Smartphone

If you have an Android phone, the Blue Yeti wins again. With a simple adapter, it can work with your smartphone. Check out the Sennheiser MKE 200 or the Agogee Hype mic if you have an iPhone.

9. A Good USB-C to USB Adapter or a USB-A/C to Lightning Cable

Most peripherals, if they aren’t Bluetooth (and some musicians find they have better quality with a hardwired connection than a wireless one), need an adapter cable:

  • For Android, Syntech makes a high-quality USB-C to USB adapter;
  • For iPhone, we would recommend checking out the Apple 20W USB-C power adapter.

10. Mobile Apps for Sound Editing

If you’re editing on the go, you’ll want to download good sound effects and an editing app. Many musicians like AudioLab for the following features:

  • mixing,
  • trimming,
  • and noise suppression features.

It’s also available for both Android and iPhone.

WavePad is a good choice for iOS users, offering sound effects including:

  • echo,
  • amplify,
  • and normalize.

Music Maker JAM is also handy if you want to quickly remix your song to a new beat, and it’s user-friendly enough for beginners. We know many examples when such edits got viral and gained many Soundcloud plays.

More on Unleashing Your Musical Potential with Soundcloud

With these gadgets, you should be on your way to mixing your next hit song in no time! But remember, people still need to find your songs on SC. It’s helpful to share them on social media and with your email list recipients (if you don’t have an email list, you might want to start one).

Still need some help boosting your Soundcloud plays? It happens. Getting noticed on this platform is increasingly difficult as more people join the site and upload their music. Many musicians feel that they’re getting lost in the crowd! If you’ve promoted your songs but aren’t gaining much traction, consider buying some plays on Soundcloud to let the algorithm know you’re getting popular.

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