Valve’s Steam Deck: A Small Refresh on the Horizon?

Valve’s Steam Deck, the handheld gaming PC that garnered attention when it first launched over a year ago, could be in line for a minor refresh, according to recent South Korean certification documents. While fans eagerly await a potential Steam Deck 2, it seems Valve has plans to make some subtle improvements to the existing device.

The Steam Deck has had a successful run since its release, offering PC gaming enthusiasts a portable gaming solution. However, Valve’s commitment to enhancing the platform doesn’t seem to stop with the current iteration.

This comes from South Korean certification documents, which suggest that Valve is preparing a hardware update for the Steam Deck. While it may not be a brand-new device, these incremental changes are quite common in the tech world and are usually aimed at improving various aspects of the hardware.

One significant upgrade that’s been noted is related to the device’s Wi-Fi module. The current Steam Deck houses a Wi-Fi 5 module, which offers fast download speeds but pales in comparison to the updated Wi-Fi 6E protocol. The new Wi-Fi module would also support Bluetooth 5.2, a notable improvement over the current model’s Bluetooth 5.0.

This potential refresh, while exciting, is in line with Valve’s philosophy of not introducing a full-fledged successor right away. Hardware refreshes can help keep the existing platform competitive and up-to-date, while the company continues to refine and develop the Steam Deck ecosystem.

One must remember that Valve aims to keep things simple for both users and developers, offering a unified piece of hardware to target. Introducing a refreshed version could potentially fragment the user base slightly. However, it’s worth noting that some tech-savvy users have already taken matters into their own hands, modding their Steam Decks to include Wi-Fi 6E modules, and even attempting RAM upgrades to boost performance.

As we eagerly await more details on this potential hardware update, it’s safe to say that Valve’s Steam Deck continues to evolve and adapt to meet the needs of gamers. Stay tuned for more news and updates on this exciting development.


Note: This blog post is based on recent findings and speculations, and official details from Valve are awaited.


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