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What Is KYC And Why Online Casinos Provide It

According to many new rules and regulations, the KYC process is not mandatory. It means that after you have created the account, before depositing funds, or before withdrawal you will need to complete this process.

There are still some no document verification casino operators that do not need this thing and you can play games immediately after registration.

What is KYC

KYC stands for “Know Your Customer” and it is a relatively simple and straightforward process. The idea is that a player provides personal information about himself. These may include name, address, email, financial information, and more. Thanks to these, the risk of fraud is decreased. Another reason why this is mandatory is in order to eliminate underage gambling. As you may know, a person must be 18 years of age (or 21 in certain countries) to be able to play games at online casinos. Underage gambling is banned and it is punishable by law.

According to the rules, all UKGC casinos must require and use the KYC process. Those that do not, will lose their license, which is a big issue. We must add that the KYC process is used by many other sites and businesses but it is most commonly present at online casinos.

In a nutshell, this process is used to make online gambling safe, fair and prevent illegal actions. It is also used to prove where you got your money for gambling, which is usually applied to high rollers.

In order to complete the process, you will need to send photos of a few documents. A driver’s license, passport, and utility bill are the most common options. Then you will need to send a bank statement in order to prove where your funds came from. After these files are approved, your KYC process is completed. It can last between a few hours up to a few days or even weeks and some complications are possible.

Where to Find Casinos Without KYC

There are still casinos that do not require this process. You may have heard or even played at some of them. These are casinos outside the UK and they do not have a UKGC license. In other words, they may have a license from other gambling authorities such as MGA, but the KYC process isn’t mandatory. As such, these casinos can opt for using the process or not.

In general, many international casinos will not require a KYC process from you. Another example where you can find these sites is to use professional help obtained from experts who already tested the casino and wrote a review. You can find countless examples out there and you can check out all, additional facts and points about that casino. It is a clever way to know all about a site before you start gambling there. This method also helps you determine if a casino is reputable, fair, and safe in general. If the answer to all questions is yes, then you are free to gamble there and have a great time.

Will the Rules Be Tightened?

There is no 100% information about this matter. But, knowing UKGC and the fact they have been adding new rules and regulations on a daily basis, we believe that regulations in the near future will be even more complex.

This may be simple and actually help players complete KYC in less time. For instance, an online casino may use a video chat verification method paired with sending just one or two documents. Then we can see other verification processes that involve fingerprint scanners, iris scanning, etc. These should speed up the process.

However, UKGC isn’t well-known for rules that make online gambling easy but rather the opposite. What this means is that new rules will probably make the entire process more complex and more time-consuming. Instead of sending just a few files, a gambler may have to send countless files, in a specific order and so much more. This also means that the casino operator will need to check more files and match them to the files from your bank and even government agencies. But, this takes time and the KYC process is already too long. Sadly, we believe that it will become even harder and longer.

We can add that UKGC may make other rules more complicated and tighter in general. For instance, it may limit gambling to gamblers who have certain amounts available on their account. If we add that UKGC is planning to expand and cover more and more online casinos, we can deduce that rules around KYC will be tighter and more complicated.


KYC should protect you and an online casino. But, in the real world, it makes gambling more complicated and not something players like and need. That’s why most of them decide to play at casinos that do not require this process. After all, this is an easier, simpler, and more appealing option to all players.

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