Intel Emerald Rapids to Feature 64 Cores, 80 PCIe Lanes on the 7nm Process Node for a TDP of 350W [Report]

The Sapphire Rapids-SP processors will be the first server lineup from Intel to feature a chiplet (modular) design. Four 20 core dies fabbed on the Intel 7 process result in a total count of 60 or 120 threads. Like Alder Lake-S, Sapphire Rapids-SP will come with PCIe Gen 5, DDR5-4800, and CXL 1.1 support. After multiple delays, it’s slated to finally launch later this year.

Sapphire Rapids will be succeeded by Emerald Rapids in 2023 or probably 2024 considering Intel’s roadmap relevancy. Emerald will increase the core count to 64 cores which indicates the use of four 21-core dies. Although Raptor Cove is expected to bring a nominal IPC increase over Golden Cove, Tom predicts a 5-10% uplift from Sapphire Rapids.

Emerald Rapids will have a TDP of 350W and increase the stock memory speeds to 5600 MT/s. The PCIe Gen 5 lane count will be bumped up to 80, and a bunch of new HPC instructions is likely to be added as well. Like Sapphire Rapids, expect one or more HBM variants. Emerald Rapids will be succeeded by Diamond Rapids in 2025 with a massive architectural overhaul targeted to face Zen 5.


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