About Us

Hardware Times is primarily managed by a guy with over seven years of experience in the field. During his mildly interesting time in engineering college, he dabbled in Programming, Computer Architecture, 3D Graphics, Search Engine Optimization, etc. Following a successful stint as the lead editor of TechQuila for nearly three years, he started Hardware Times in November 2019.

In the years following, the publication has garnered a monthly audience of up to 1 million through a post count of over 5,000. Primarily focused in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, and India, we’ve worked hard to bring you the latest on computer hardware, especially CPUs, GPUs, PC Gaming, and everything in between.

In the coming years, we plan to diversify and expand our coverage of the computer hardware industry. We’ll also launch dedicated channels covering PC game optimization and performance analysis. Stay tuned!

Areej Syed: I love covering computer hardware and PC Gaming. My favorite titles include Baldur’s Gate 3, Divinity Original Sin 2, Torment, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and more. You may contact me at:

  • areejs12@hardwaretimes.com.
  • +91-7006303754.
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