AMD Radeon RX 9900 XTX to Feature 18432 Cores/288 CUs: Replaces the Shelved 8900 XTX

According to the latest set of rumors, AMD’s Radeon RX 8900 XTX (now canceled) was going to feature a whopping 18432 stream processors (shaders/cores) spread across 288 Compute Units and 7 Shader Engines. The 8900 XTX was going to be a complex chiplet-based design with three Graphics Compute Dies (GCDs), 384 Texture Mapping Units (TMUs), and a 384-bit memory bus connecting to 32-48GB of GDDR7 memory.

For better or worse, Navi 40 and 41 were cancelled alongside the higher-end RX 8900 series graphics cards. All the Watts claims that RDNA 5 will feature the Navi 50 die with roughly similar specifications as its predecessor. So, unless the Radeon RX 9900 XTX also gets canceled, we should get our first modular (chiplet/tiled) gaming GPU with the RDNA 5 flagship sometime in late 2025 or 2026.

The Radeon RX 9900 XTX will be even more powerful than the hypothetical 8900 XTX. Firstly, it will leverage a more advanced process node (TSMC 3nm), higher and faster GDDR7 memory, and increased core clocks. The shader count should stay the same at 18432 with 288 CUs, but the packaging technology and ray tracing performance should get healthy upgrades.

Navi 44 and 48 are the remaining RDNA 4 GPUs. The former will power the RX 8600 XT with 32 Computer Units and 128 Texture Mapping Units spread across 6 Shader Engines (2048 cores). The latter will power the RX 8700 XT with 64 Compute Units and 256 Texture Units (twice as many) distributed across 6 Shader Engines for a total of 4096 cores.

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