B650 Becomes the Most AMD Chipset, Beating the B550 and A520

AMD’s AM4 socket has been immensely successful. Led by the cost-effective B450 and then the B550 chipsets, these motherboards have outsold every Intel alternative. The release of the AM5 platform and the accompanying B650 chipset was slow but has picked up since. Sales figures from Korea indicate that B650 motherboards have finally started to outsell their AM4 predecessors, reaching a market share of 34.4% by the end of October.

B550 mainboards have steadily declined in popularity since the beginning of 2023, dropping from 48.6% in January to just 18% at the end of October. Meanwhile, the cheaper A520 offerings have held fast, maintaining a share of 23% through the beginning and end of 2023. The older B450 and A320 chipsets have started to end their several-year-long ensure dropping to single-digit percentages towards the holiday season.

Mainboard sales figures from Mindfactory (Germany) indicate similar customer sentiments. The AM5 boards lagged behind AM4 and Intel’s LGA1700, finally picking up in the fall and beating both by December. It is now the most sold platform, courtesy of cheaper B650 boards and the popularity of the Ryzen 7 7800X3D.

Areej Syed

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