Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 2.01: What’s New and Improved in Phantom Liberty

Cyberpunk 2077 just got updated to 2.01, and with it comes a slew of fixes and performance enhancements. This update is specifically tailored to address the most common issues reported by players and refine the overall gameplay, with special attention given to the bustling district of Dogtown. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of what you can expect:

Phantom Liberty-Specific Fixes

Balls to the Wall: Interacting with Paco and selecting the blue dialogue option from the Corpo lifepath will no longer obstruct your progress.

Dog Eat Dog: No more earning multiple Relic points through Songbird’s first encounter, as this issue has been resolved.

Firestarter: V will no longer find themselves trapped in walls or roofs after executing a Finisher on Kurt Hansen.

Moving Heat: Traffic will no longer mysteriously vanish after completing the quest, and combat scenarios in the garage will no longer disrupt quest progression.

New Person, Same Old Mistakes: The gate to Bill’s hot dog stand will be open as intended.

Somewhat Damaged: You can now scan the Neural Network system without hindrance, and various device-related bugs in the bunker have been fixed.

The Killing Moon: Doors leading to the shuttle will now open as expected.

You Know My Name: Reed dons his party outfit during the dialogue with Songbird, and phone calls necessary for the main story will initiate without delay. Visual fixes for animations, lighting, scenes, VFX, and more are also included, along with performance improvements on both PC and consoles, with a particular focus on Dogtown.

Quests & Open World

Automatic Love: The persistent distortion effect caused by specific dialogue options will no longer plague your screen.

Ghost Town: The quest will no longer become stuck at the “Defeat Nash and his people” objective if saved during combat prior to Update 2.0.

Gig: Breaking News: Ted Fox’s car will now spawn correctly, and the gig will trigger reliably upon approaching the quest area.

Gig: Going-Away Party: No more underground car spawns; you can now hop in the car with Flavio as intended.

Gig: The Lord Giveth and Taketh Away: The Militech SUV won’t vanish underground anymore.

Killing in the Name: Leaving the quest unfinished will no longer block clue scanning in multiple quests, and the Bartmoss Collective website will now be visible in all cases.

Playing for Time: Healing and radio icons won’t disappear from the HUD following the car chase with Takemura.

Space Oddity: The quest will activate as intended when approaching the location before Update 2.0.

The Heist: Jackie will be present in front of the Afterlife, and you won’t fall through the floor and meet a premature end while riding the elevator with low FPS.

The Prophet’s Song: Completing the quest will no longer make the police system turn a blind eye to V’s crimes.

The Ripperdoc: Jackie won’t refuse to drive to the ripperdoc when you get into the driver’s seat from the passenger seat. Additionally, NCPD Scanner Hustles will now properly complete after looting the necessary containers. Some Iconic weapons have also appeared on the wall of the Stash in V’s apartment, and the Attribute check required to loot the Thermal Katana area has been adjusted.


  • Players can now switch to Arm cyberware by cycling through weapons.
  • V will no longer become invulnerable to all damage, addressing a critical issue.
  • The days of seeing NCPD cruisers without wheels patrolling Night City’s streets are behind us.
  • Obsolete mods in the Inventory and Stash will now be properly exchanged for new weapon mods.
  • Weapons obtained pre-Update 2.0 will no longer have a Tier that’s too high compared to the player’s level.
  • Various outdated Crafting Specs have been removed.
  • Disassembling a Budget Arms Slaught-O-Matic will grant 1 crafting component.

PC-Specific Improvements

  • The UI will no longer display controller inputs when playing with a keyboard and mouse.
  • Players previously unable to earn Phantom Liberty achievements due to a backend issue will have them retroactively unlocked after loading a save from that playthrough.
  • The Ultra Performance setting for DLSS Ray Reconstruction now boasts improved image quality.

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • Numerous crash fixes have been implemented.
  • Vehicle radio volume has been adjusted to ensure it’s on par with other in-game sounds.
  • Sounds for the Basilisk are no longer missing.
  • Trauma Drama will no longer allow players to earn an infinite score by repeatedly shooting at enemies dropping from a helicopter.
  • Growl FM and Dark Star websites are now visible without Phantom Liberty.
  • Disconnecting from the internet will now display an error message in My Rewards and Cross Progression tabs.
  • The songs “History” by Gazelle Twin and “Trash Generation” will be disabled when the “Disable Copyrighted Music” option is turned on.
  • Hair will now cast shadows when Ray Tracing is enabled.
  • Players who pre-ordered Phantom Liberty but didn’t receive the Quadra Sport R-7 “Vigilante” will now find it in their inventory.
  • Ukrainian localization has seen several improvements, including fixes for lines where the translation lost its original meaning.


  • Fixed an issue where tweak mods would not compile in REDmod.
  • Added Phantom Liberty support to REDmod.


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