Intel 15th Gen Core i5-15600 to Feature Only 8 P-Cores: 3 Gens of Support for LGA1851 Motherboards

There are a lot of hopes and expectations from Intel's 15th Gen Arrow Lake processors. A high IPC, improved hybrid scheduling, and a power efficient operation all around.

Intel’s 15th Gen Arrow Lake processors will land in the second half of 2024 with a new set of core architectures and process nodes. The flagship desktop offering is said to carry 8P and 16E cores like the existing Raptor Lake-S flagship. Below this, you’ll have the Core i7 and then the i5. While we don’t know anything about the former, the latter will allegedly be an 8-core part featuring only high-performance “P” cores.

The 15th Gen Core i5-15600 will pack 8 P-cores and no E-cores, a step down from the 13600, which consists of 6P and 8E cores. The K variant will likely retain the E-cores (up to 6).

The cache will undergo a makeover with Arrow Lake, increasing per core and the shared level. The L2 cache will be increased to 3MB per L3 (+50%), while the L3 cache will be permanently divided between the CPU and iGPU. In other words, the iGPU will get its own LLC, reducing the strain on the CPU cache.

Last, but not least, it is speculated that the LGA1851 socket introduced with 15th Gen Arrow Lake will be supported till 2026. This implies that three generations of desktop processors, 15th Gen, 16th Gen, and 17th Gen, will leverage the same socket. At the same time, this doesn’t mean that the chipmaker won’t release a new chipset based on the same socket. We have seen something similar with Skylake and its various refreshes in the past.

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