Intel Core Ultra 200V “Lunar Lake” Specs and Release Date

The specifications of Intel’s much-awaited Lunar Lake processors have leaked out. Rumors had revealed the base specs of these mobile processors relatively early on, but now all the spots have been filled. The entire specs-sheet of the Lunar Lake lineup has leaked out, courtesy of 金猪升级包. The Core Ultra 200V (Core Ultra Series 2 “V”) processors will feature a chiplet (tiled) design with three disaggregated dies: A compute + tGPU die fabbed on TSMC’s 3nm (N3B) process, an I/O die, and a dummy die on the bottom left.

Intel “Lunar Lake” Core Ultra 200V CPU Specs (Flagship)

  • P-Cores: 4x Lion Cove.
  • LPE-Cores: 4x Skymont.
  • CPU Core Count: 8 (4P + 4LPE).
  • Base Clock: 1.8GHz-2.10GHz.
  • L2 Cache: 2.5MB per P-core, 14MB overall.
  • L3 Cache: 14MB+ (shared).
  • Memory: 32GB LPDDR5x-8533.
  • TDP: 17W-30W.
    • GPU uArch: Xe2 (Battlemage).
    • Xe Cores: 8.
    • Vector Engines: 64 (SIMD16).
    • Shader Count: 1024.
    • GPU Clock: ~2GHz?

Lunar Lake will be Intel’s first CPU lineup to entirely replace the E-cores with the SoC-centric LPE cores. Although the two feature the same core architecture, the latter is optimized for lower power and runs independently of the compute die (at least on Meteor Lake).

Lunar Lake will be the spiritual successor to Lakefield, featuring Foveros 3D packaging to stack the DRAM dies on top of the SoC. This reduces the motherboard complexity but limits modularity.

Interestingly, all variants of Lunar Lake will feature the same core count (4P + 4LPE). The segmentation will be based on core clocks and the L3 cache. The iGPU on the lower-end models will also be reduced. The fanless designs will have a TDP of 15W to 28W, while the rest will range from 17W to 30W.

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