Intel XeSS 1.3 Out: DLAA Rival, Better Quality, Higher Performance, & More Presets

Intel has released the latest iteration of its XeSS upscaling technology, improving quality and performance while adding new presets. XeSS 1.3 is up to 28% faster than its predecessor, with average gains of 10% across most games. Diablo 4 is the exception, gaining 28% more frame rates at 1440p High (RT On). Since XeSS 1.3 is only an upscaler, you’ll see the largest gains in GPU-bound scenarios, not the other way around.

On the integrated Xe-LPG of the Core Ultra 7 155H, XeSS 1.3 is 8% faster on average, doubling the performance in the latest titles using the “Performance” preset at 1080p Medium.

Quality-wise, XeSS 1.3 tackles the inherent faults of temporal upscaling, reducing shimmering, ghosting, or aliasing that tends to arise from the reconstruction of thin objects.

XeSS 1.3 adds three new quality presets, including “Native Anti-aliasing,” “Ultra Quality Plus,” and “Ultra Performance.” Native is the equivalent of NVIDIA DLAA improving image quality without upscaling, while the other two offer additional scaling options from 1.3x to 3x.

PresetResolution scaling in
previous XeSS versions
Resolution scaling
in XeSS 1.3
Native Anti-AliasingN/A1.0x (Native resolution)
Ultra Quality PlusN/A1.3x
Ultra Quality1.3x1.5x
Ultra PerformanceN/A3.0x

In Cyberpunk 2077, XeSS 1.3 offers some healthy gains over its predecessor, as “Ultra Quality Plus” is as fast as “Ultra Quality” from before. Similarly, the new “Balanced” preset is comparable to the previous “Performance,” while Quality levels with the old “Balanced” preset.

Via: Intel.

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