AMD Radeon Graphics Driver Reduces Performance by up to 33% on APUs

AMD’s graphics driver team is going through a rough patch. After failing to run Rachet and Clank with ray-tracing, Team Red released a broken “certified” driver. The Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 23.7.2 WHQL was taken down as it drastically worsened performance on iGPUs while also disrupting connected I/O devices.

The Radeon 780M is the most powerful iGPU found on the Ryzen 7000 “Phoenix” mobile processors. After installing this particular driver, it experienced a drop of 33%, falling to Radeon 760 levels of performance. Consequently, a lot of handheld consoles using the 780M were also affected. Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition went from 33 FPS to just 22 FPS following the update.

In addition to performance reductions, several I/O devices also stopped working after the update was installed. External devices like sound cards, fingerprint readers, and even Xbox controllers completely stopped working after the driver was installed.

Luckily, AMD was quick to take down the driver and provide users with a hotfix. It’s worth noting that these drivers stay in “Beta” for several days before being rolled out as WHQL.

Via: ElChapuzas.

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