Here’s the First NVIDIA RTX 4090 GPU with a Boost Clock of 3,000 MHz and 24GB 23Gbps Memory

The first board partner variant of the GeForce RTX 4090 to boost past 3,000MHz out-of-the-box has been announced. Colorful’s iGame RTX 4090 Kudan comes with a base clock of 2,235MHz and a boost of 2,520MHz. With its overclocking mode enabled, it peaks at a whopping 3,088MHz, nearly 600MHz higher than the standard variants.

In addition to the core clocks, the memory has also been overclocked, courtesy of an improved voltage control regulation module. From 21Gbps on most models, the memory on the iGame RTX Kudan operates at 23Gbps, making it the first GPU to do so.

The IGame RTX 4090 Kudan will feature a custom AIO liquid cooling solution with a double-width radiator, probably the most advanced on the market. Moreover, it might also come with dual 12VHPWR power connectors to keep the card fed under peak load and power spikes.

Via: ElChapuzas.

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