Intel 14th Gen Core i7-14700K Leaks: 20 Cores, 28 Threads, and 15% Faster than the 13700K [Rumor]

Intel’s 14th Gen desktop processors are getting closer to their retail release. The Core i7-14700K has been spotted running Cinebench R23 and CPU-Z (via @wxnod) on an LGA 1700-based NZXT N7 Z790 motherboard. The CPU features 20 cores (8P + 12E) and 28 threads with a boost clock of 5.5GHz (100MHz higher than the 13700K). The L1 and L2 cache are unchanged at 48KB-D/32KB-I and 2MB per core, respectively. Considering there are two more E-cores, the L3 should also be higher than the Core i7-13700K (30MB -> 33MB).

Moving onto the benchmarks, the Core i7-14700K scores slightly over 36K in the Cinebench R23 multi-threaded test, a thousand points or 15% faster than the 13700K.

The CPU-Z benchmark includes the 1T and multi-threaded tests. The Core i7-14700K performs nearly the same as the 13700K in the former while beating it by a meager 15% in the latter. Gains you can expect with a mild overclock.

As per “Golden Pig Upgrade Pack” on Bilibili, the 14th Gen mobile HX series won’t be identical to their desktop counterparts. The entire family will leverage the 24-core (8P + 16E) die. The Core i7-14700HX should feature 20 cores (8P +12E) like the 14700K, and the Core i5-14650HX should pack 16 cores (8P+ 8E). Meanwhile, the Core i5-14500HX will be derived from the i5-13650HX with 14 cores (6P + 8E) and 24MB of L3 cache.

Source: Bilibili (Via Harukaze)
  • Below, you can see the total cache available to the Core i7-14700K:

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