AMD Zen 6 to Feature 32 Cores Per Die, up to 256 Cores on Epyc Venice

AMD is on track to announce its Zen 5 processors at Computex 2024, including the Granite Ridge desktop, Strix mobile, and Turin server lineups. These chips will feature eight-core CCDs, while Zen 5c cloud dies will squeeze in up to 16 cores per CCD. The Zen 4c-based Bergamo parts also consist of 16 cores per die but divide them into groups of two 8-core CCXs sharing 16MB of cache.

According to data compiled by InstLatX64, the upcoming Zen 5-based Epyc Turin processors will incorporate 16-core CCXs with the same CCD core counts. Despite featuring the same process node as Zen 4 (N4, a variant of N5), Zen 5/Zen 5c dies will be smaller than their predecessors.

Consequently, Zen 5-based Epyc processors will feature higher CCD and core counts. While Genoa packed up to 12 dies and Bergamo 8, Turin will pack up to 16 CCDs (12 for Zen 5c), increasing the core count to 128 and 192. This matches with recent leaks from various sources.

The succeeding Zen 6 core architecture is expected to come in three different configurations, featuring 8, 16, and 32 cores. The Client Dense variant is expected to offer 32 cores per CCD at the cost of efficiency. The increased core counts per die will allow AMD to squeeze up to 256 cores on a single Epyc Venice processor.

Areej Syed

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