Intel 15th Gen Arrow Lake iGPU Leaks Out: Slightly Faster than Meteor Lake

Intel’s 15th Gen Arrow Lake processors are scheduled to launch in the last quarter of this year. The Arrow Lake-S desktop CPUs will likely land first, followed by the Arrow Lake-H/U mobility chips. The former will be the first desktop parts (from Intel) to leverage a chiplet design, although, unlike AMD’s approach, all the CPU cores will lie on the same die. The integrated graphics and I/O will use separate dies.

A few graphics benchmarks of Arrow Lake-S and Arrow Lake-H have surfaced in the SiSoftware database. These are likely engineering samples and provide a rough idea of how these iGPUs will perform compared to the competition. The Arrow Lake parts are slightly faster than Meteor Lake which makes sense as they both leverage the Xe-LPG graphics architecture.

The Core Ultra “Meteor Lake” processors feature the first iteration of Xe-LPG with dedicated ray-tracing units and mesh shader support. Arrow Lake simply refreshes it, perhaps using a more advanced process node (TSMC 4nm?) to increase core clocks and frequencies.

Regardless, the Arrow Lake-S desktop iGPU consists of 64 Vector Engines and 512 ALUs, while the Arrow Lake-H unit packs twice as many (128 VEs and 1024 ALUs). These are about as fast as their Meteor Lake predecessors and may gain a slight lead when they hit retail.

Lunar Lake is rumored to be the first Core Ultra CPU to adopt the 2nd Gen Battlemage graphics architecture. It should offer a healthy 40-60% uplift over similar-core Xe-LPG iGPU. Battlemage doubles the SIMD width to 16 (from 8), but halves the Vector Engine count per Xe Core.

Via: WCCFTech.

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