NVIDIA RTX 5080 Mobile Allegedly Based on GB203 GPU, GDDR7 Memory & PCIe Gen 5

NVIDIA is expected to launch the GeForce RTX 5090 (and perhaps the 5080) later this year, with a potential Computex reveal next month. The mobility parts are usually revealed 6 months after the desktop SKUs and the same will likely be the case this time too. According to sources close to Moore’s Law is Dead, the RTX 50 series mobility GPUs including the RTX 5080 and 5090 are 1-2 months behind in development compared to Lovelace in this cycle.

More interestingly, the GeForce RTX 5080 and 5090 mobile are based on the same die, the GB203. Usually, the 80-class mobile GPU is based on the xx204 die, as with the RTX 4080 mobile, which leveraged the AD104 core, while the 4090 mobile was based on AD103. This time around the RTX 5080 and 5090 mobile will both be derived from the GB203 GPU.

Furthermore, the higher-end Blackwell mobile GPUs will feature GDDR7 memory (for comparison, even AMD’s desktop cards will rely on GDDR6) with PCIe Gen 5 support for maximum bandwidth even with slim buses. It is claimed that NVIDIA will launch the RTX 5090 in the third quarter of this year, followed by retail availability in Q4. A Computex 2024 reveal isn’t out of the question given that AMD may do the same with its RDNA 4 lineup.

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