NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 6GB Specs Leak: Fewer CUDA Cores, Lower Clock Speeds and 70W TDP

If the recent leaks by the folks over at Videocardz are true, the upcoming 6GB variant of the existing RTX 3050 8GB, poised to launch in February, should really just be called an RTX 3040 if not an RTX 3030.

Featuring not just a 25% memory cut as evident from the name, from 8GB to 6GB of GDDR6 memory, the new variant will allegedly also feature fewer CUDA Cores, reduced clock speeds, and a lower TDP. The new specs as gathered from board partners by Videocardz are as shown below:

  • Cores: 2560 -> 2304 (-10%)
  • Memory: 8GB -> 6GB (-25%)
  • Bandwidth: 224 GB/s -> 168 GB/s (-25%)
  • GPU Clocks: 1552/1777 MHz -> 1042/1470 MHz (-32%/-17%)
  • TDP: 130W – > 70W (-46%)

The bandwidth change is proportional to the 25% reduction in memory from 8GB to 6GB, deactivating 32 bits of the 128-bit channel to a 96-bit channel and thereby reducing the bandwidth from 224 GB/s to 168 GB/s, a 25% decrease. (With an effective 14 Gbps memory speed uniform across both)

The real bummer though comes in the form of the core count and frequency reduction. With a 10% reduction in cores from 2560 to 2304, and base/boost clock reduction of 32%/17%, we’re looking at an almost 25-30% drop in gaming performance from its 8GB variant. All of this would be fair game for an entry-level budget GPU, expected to be priced around 179 USD, but the naming scheme would throw general consumers for a loop. These specs bring it into the performance ballpark of AMD’s RX 6000 series offerings, specifically the RX 6500 XT which has only 4GB of memory, and the RX 6600.

The lower TDP of 70W means that this GPU can run without an external power connector, operating within the maximum PCIe power limit of 75W. This also implies that this GPU can be passively cooled, with no need for fans or the like, and hence the potential for a much quieter PC build.

The official announcement for the RTX 3050 6GB is scheduled to be sometime in February, with hopefully more detailed information and confirmation of these specs. Most definitely after the RTX 40 Super series have finished their round of releases first.

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