Intel 15th Gen Arrow Lake CPUs: Core Ultra 9 285K, Ultra 7 265K & Ultra 5 245K

Intel’s 15th Gen Arrow Lake-S desktop processors will launch with the updated “Core Ultra” branding later this year. The Core Ultra Series 2 lineup will initially consist of three CPUs: the Core Ultra 5 245K, the Core Ultra 7 265K, and the Core Ultra 9 285K. They will succeed the Core i5-14600K, i7-14700K, and the i9-14900K, respectively. Usually, the non-K parts simply drop the K suffix, while the entry-level chips don’t have any K variants. Examples include the Core i7-14700, i5-14600, and in the lower-end segment, the Core i5-14400, and i5-13400.

Intel Arrow Lake-S

The latest info comes from @OneRaichu, a well-reputed tipster on all matters of Intel. He believes that the non-K counterparts of the Core Ultra 9 285K, Ultra 7 265K, and Ultra 5 245K will be the Core Ultra 9 275, Ultra 7 255, and Ultra 5 240, respectively. This distinguishes the K-series chips from their non-K siblings, but at the same time, it makes the lineup more complicated.

The non-K variants of higher-end CPUs are locked, slightly lower-clocked chips with the same core count and cache as their K counterparts. With the updated branding, it’ll be harder to to know if these non-K are locked variants of the same chips or lower-end parts with reduced core/cache.

Intel Core Ultra Arrow Lake-S

Previous coverage on Arrow Lake-S:

Intel’s 15th Gen Arrow Lake family will be fabbed on the 20A process (CPU) and TSMC’s 3nm (iGPU) node. Hyper-threading has been removed, and AVX-512 remains MIA. The power limits have been reduced from 253W to 177W (PL2), while the PL4 limit stands at 333W. The ringbus will likely be updated, and as per tipsters, the P-cores and E-cores will be more closely “mixed.”

According to a recent report from Bilibili, only the 6P + 8E core CPU tile (used on the Core i5s) will be fabbed on the prestigious Intel 20A node. The higher-end 8P + 16E CPU die will allegedly be manufactured on an advanced 3nm-class TSMC “N3B” node. The tipster alleges that all mobile Arrow Lake CPU tiles will be fabbed on the advanced TSMC process node. He confirms that the NPU will be retained while LPE cores of the SoC die will be disabled on desktop.

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