Intel Core Ultra Powered MSI Claw Handheld Facing Startup Crashes in Many Games

MSI’s Claw handheld console is off to a bumpy start, with many gaming crashing at startup. According to YouTuber Cary Golomb (reviewing the device), multiple games including Batman Arkham Knight refuse to run on the Intel-powered handheld. The MSI Claw leverages the Core Ultra 7 155H processor, a 16 core (6+8+2) chip paired with Arc Alchemist graphics (Xe-LPG). The iGPU doesn’t perform well in old DX9 and DX11 games like the Arc A-series graphics cards due to sparse driver support.

Courtesy: Cary Golomb

The Arc Xe-LPG GPU on the Claw consists of 8 Xe Cores which translates to 1,024 shaders. It also features fixed-function hardware, including ray-tracing and geometry units. By default, the GPU has a peak clock of 2.25GHz, but we’ll likely see it reduced to 2GHz or lower on the Claw. The P-cores on the CPU top out at 4.8GHz, but the handheld should have a much lower limit (~3-3.5GHz).

Intel’s software team has been working hard to perfect the Arc graphics driver, but there’s still plenty of optimizing left to do. A while back, we tested the Arc A750 with mixed results. The Alchemist GPU works (just), but suffers from strange audio glitches, stuttering, and a minor case of “failed to launch” in several old and niche titles.

Steam Deck OLED

Most handhelds, including the Steam Deck, Legion Go, and the ROG Ally, leverage AMD’s Ryzen APUs with RDNA 2/3 graphics. The Radeon graphics driver is far from perfect, but it hasn’t given handheld gamers any major headaches yet. Moreover, with driver-level support for variable shading, spatial upscaling (RSR), and Frame Generation (Fluid Motion Frames), there’s plenty of room for optimizing even the most intensive PC games.

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