PS5 Pro to Get DLSS-Like AI Super Resolution, Up to 4x Higher Ray Tracing Performance

Sony’s PlayStation 5 Pro (codenamed Trinity) will be a major upgrade over the existing console. Official documents leaked by “Moore’s Law is Dead” suggest that the PS5 Pro’s GPU will be as much as 45% faster than the base PS5 in standard rendering workloads. Ray tracing has been made a priority, offering a 2x to 3x upgrade over its predecessor. Gains of up to 4x have also been observed, likely in first-party titles specifically optimized for the platform.

The PS5 Pro will (for a fact) leverage an AMD RDNA 3 or 3.5 GPU. But the Radeon RX 7000 GPUs based on the former offer a 50% gain over RDNA 1 devices. A 2x to 4x uplift means that we’re looking at a custom design likely incorporating features of RDNA 3.5 and perhaps RDNA 4 as well.

The second part of the leak talks about a “powerful machine learning architecture.” The PS5 Pro offers 300 TOPS of low-precision 8-bit performance. This translates to 62 TFLOPs of half-precision or 31 TFLOPs of single-precision (FP32) performance. That’s nearly thrice the throughput offered by the Xbox Series X (12 TFLOPs).

Dubbed PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR), Sony’s AI-based upscaler is built on top of temporal anti-aliasing, much like FSR 2 and DLSS 2. Being an AMD solution, it’ll most likely be closer to the former, and a bit inferior to the latter.

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It is noted in the document that PSSR has similar inputs as DLSS and FSR 2, and fully supports HDR. A common training model is used for all games (much like DLSS 1.5+), negating the need for per-title optimization. PSSR requires 250MB of main memory and takes 2ms to upscale 1080p images to 4K.

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